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​Aalayah is a typical young farm woman in the city of Nakif, royal capital of the Napnei nation. As customary in her culture, she is arranged by her family to soon be married and is expected to live as a house bound wife to bare and raise children. However, she secretly fantasizes about traveling the world as a warrior and adventurer. To escape her obligations as a farmer, she joins her nation's military and her natural skill in combat allows her to quickly become part of the elite, Palace Guards, soldiers that protect the nation's royalty and palace. However, shortly after she becomes a palace guard tragedy happens. An unknown terrorist army attacks the city by suprise, massacring most of its people. Although the King is killed, Aalayah is able to escape with the Queen and Prince. Now the three set forth on a journey to seek out the terrorists and discover their motivations behind the attack. Along the way they join others who have direct ties with the terrorist leaders and also wish to pursue them. Their travels will eventually lead them to discover that the terrorists' motivations are based off of a deeply powerful truth which will force them to come to terms with the true nature of reality and existence.

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