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Eternal Dragon is a traditional role play video game. It's inspired by Japanese role playing video games of the early to mid 1990's as well as Western role playing video games of the 2000's and today. Eternal Dragon combines 16-bit graphics, strong character development, and a linear main plot with vast, open environments to explore, tons of sidequests, crafting, and customization into a unique "western meets eastern RPG" style of gaming.​


  • Massive maps to explore.

  • Hundreds of equipment and items to find.

  • Optional treasure hunting rewards exploration with stat bonuses, new abilities, and background story not needed to advance the main plot.


  • Classic turn based battle mechanics.

  • Up to 18 playable characters can fight together (no reserve or standby), against a massive amount of enemies.

  • Random encounters happen less frequently but are longer.

  • More participants in battles make combat more  tactical and frantic.




  • Discover alchemic recipes to create new items.

  • Search for required items through mining, enemy drops, and treasure hunting.

  • Alchemize special weapons, armor, and items to give added bonuses to stats and abilities.



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