Kin-Yoobi Con

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August 19, 2018
Newark Pavilion
Newark, CA

Kin-Yoobi Con is an anime and video game convention taking place August 19th, 2018. The first time we hosted Kin-Yoobi Con in 2007 was on a Friday. We used the Japanese word for Friday, 金曜日 - pronounced "Kin'yōbi" - as our title to highlight the unusual situation of hosting an anime convention on a Friday. We strive to continue our tradition of providing a fun, low-cost event to fans of anime, manga, video games, cosplay and Japanese culture in the Bay Area! 

Registration Prices

At-Door (On-Site) Registration - $15

As long as they are accompanied by a paid adult attendee, children under the age of 10 are free.


Early Registration - $12


Anime Game Shows

Test your anime and game trivia knowledge with our game shows. Participants with the most points win prizes. Our game shows include Wheel of Fandom and Anime Jeopardy.

Casual Gaming & Video Game Tournaments

​Play on one of our many game consoles or bring your own setup to play. There will be video game tournaments to enter for competitive gamers which will feature prizes for winners.

Dealers Hall / Artist Alley

​Save up for Kin-Yoobi Con because you never know what you'll find on our Dealers' and Artists' tables. Anime and game merchandise, fanart, original illustrations, crafts, and more will be available for purchase.

Cosplay Contest

​The most popular event in any anime convention, of course we feature our own. Dress up as a well known or a not so well known character of fiction for prizes and recognition. Signups for the Contest are taken onsite!

Free Lunch for Attendees!

We've offered free food to our attendees from the very beginning and this year is no exception. Hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and bottled waters are free to every attendee for lunch.

Charity Dating Auction

Dress up as a character from a game, anime, or other work of fiction and auction yourself out on a "date." Or bid on a date and go out with your favorite fictional character. All proceeds go to charity. Must be age 18 or older to participate.

Panel Discussions & Workshops

Education and entertainment go hand and hand with these activities. Turn interests into instruments of construction and passions into practicality. Listen to experts and specialists and learn more about your hobbies and pastimes.


Click here to download our schedule and map!

Q&A Session with Allegra Clark

Want to learn about the anime and gaming industry from an experienced voice actor's perspective? Get your questions ready because we're letting our attendee audience ask questions to Allegra Clark about her career experiences. 

Panel Discussion: How to Get Started On the Indie Comic Zine Circuit

The comic book convention circuit is not the first stop for a lot of small, independent comic book producers. Most modern independent comic books and strips start out as either web comics or zines. Some of them move from the electronic world to zines, or are promoted at zine festivals with miniature comic books. They go around to local zine fests like San Francisco Zine Fest and East Bay Zine Fest, until they get big enough to get into the Alternative Press Expo and move onto the comic book convention circuit. (Hosted by Sumiko Saulson)

DIY Workshop: How to Make Comic Zines
What are zines? Do it yourself publications that are usually printed off of copy machines by art students of various sizes and shape, which are part of the independent press. Zine is short for magazine. Comic book zines make up about half of the zines found at zine festivals. Comic book zines come in many shapes and sizes. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make a miniature comic book that is eight pages total, by cutting and folding a single 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper.  (Hosted by Sumiko Saulson)

DIY WorkshopSew With Me 101

Interested in cosplay, but don't know how to sew? Join Miss Marisa Cosplay in this interactive guide to getting started! She'll seamlessly go through the different ways to start sew you can join the cosplay scene. And you'll get to stitch your own hand bag! This event is FREE with a convention ticket.

Panel Discussion: 3D Printing for Cosplay
Panel covering the fundamentals of 3D printing and its use in the world of cosplay. Learn how to make 3D printable models, where to find them, how to print them, and how to finish them! (Hosted by Liliphae and Kohalu)

Panel Discussion: How to Break Into Acting!

Has acting always been your passion, but didn't know where to start? Come join Ami Yoshiko at her panel where she will be discussing how she got her foot in the door in the industry from getting her first featured role on "13 Reasons Why" to her first speaking role in a feature film to leads in international commercials. She will be discussing step by step tips on how you can get started, how to find jobs in your area, the Dos and Don'ts and how to balance this career with family, school, and of course being on the internet.


Allegra Clark

Allegra Clark is a trilingual actor and voiceover artist that also enjoys doing improv. Allegra Clark has played many characters in the last five years. Some of those characters include Zazan from Hunter x Hunter, Josephine Montilyet from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Nakmor Kesh from Mass Effect: Andromeda, Karla from Fire Emblem Heroes, Slan from Bersek, Archer of Red/Assassin of Red/Reika Rikudou from Fate/Apocrypha, Kaela Yoshinaga from B: The Beginning, Jinyu from FLCL Progressive.

Sumiko Saulson

Sumiko Saulson is a science-fiction, fantasy and horror writer. Her works include 60 Black Women in Horror Fiction, Solitude, Warmth, The Moon Cried Blood, Happiness and Other Diseases, Somnalia, Insatiable, Ashes and Coffee, and Things That Go Bump In My Head. She writes for the Oakland Art Scene for the, SEARCH Magazine and horror blogs and The child of African American and Russian-Jewish American parents, she is a native Californian who grew up in Los Angeles and Hawaii. She is an Oakland resident who has spent most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area

Miss Marisa Cosplay

Miss Marisa Cosplay has been costuming since 2007. She draws her inspiration from her favorite games, comics, and books– like Pokémon, Batman, and League of Legends. Marisa focuses on fabrics, but finds fun in flexing deftness; her props incorporate woodworking, molding, foam, and LEDs. You can find her on YouTube with cosplay tutorials, or playing video games on She’d like to leave you with a joke: what’s the most magical dog? A labracadabador!


Liliphae is a half-serious/half-just for fun cosplayer and model who made her debut at FanimeCon 2014 in San Jose, California. She subsequently became known for her unwavering involvement in the Northern California cosplay community.


Since then, she has traveled up and down the state of California and beyond to guest, attend, and judge at conventions and has learned a lot about the art of cosplaying and the effort and work that it takes to make something you’re proud of.


Kohalu loves cosplay in all its aspects and is a crafting expert. He appreciates the hard work and craftsmanship of the cosplay community and seeing its presentation in the halls of a con and at the masquerade. He has been invited to countless conventions out of both state as well as country and has over ten years of experience under his belt!

Ami Yoshiko

Ami Yoshiko is an actress, cosplayer, model and Youtuber from the Bay Area who loves video games, anime and connecting with her fans on her Twitch streams and IRL. Her Youtube channel consists of cosplay tutorials, crazy story times from convention horror stories to wacky daily occurrences and video game/anime related content! She has made her television debut on the Netflix Series, "13 Reasons Why" and Marvel's latest addition, "Antman and the Wasp." Ami has worked as a cosplay model for several companies and video games such as Halo and Japan Crate and worked as a promotional model at events such as Anime Expo, E3 and San Diego Comic Con.

The Shogunate

The Shogunate is a bay area based hip hop duo heavily influenced by their love of both Japanese and American pop culture, animation and video games.


LauraC is a veteran cosplayer that has has competed in several cosplay competitions and masquerades since 2006. She has judged several cosplay contests at a variety of conventions. LauraC has appeared in different media formats. In 2007, she was featured in Appleseed ExMachina's movie DVD special feature, "East Meets West!" Over the years, she appeared in numerous online news articles, several printed newspapers, international magazines including Cosmode, featured on two magazine covers, and on the live morning edition news at San Diego Comic-Con International. Furthermore, LauraC's cosplay was showcased in a Facebook commercial titled, “We Are Not Alone." Recently, she led a nationwide commercial for Honda. For the last four years LauraC has worked with Kotobukiya. LauraC hopes to spark creativity and inspire people to have courage to pursue their passions.




Interested in volunteering for Kin-Yoobi Con? We need your help! Volunteer for four hours and get free admission. Send us an email at to request a volunteer position.


Selling hours are 11 am - 8 pm. Setup hours are 9 am - 11 am. Take down hours are 8 pm- 10 pm Sellers are not required to stay for all open hours.

Table reservations for Artists are $25 and each include one full day badge (1 full day attendee badge with table purchase).

Table reservations for Dealers are $50 and each include two full day badges, one for the dealer and one for a helper (2 full day attendee badges with table purchase).


What is the difference between a dealer and an artist? An artist is only allowed to sell art that they, themselves, made. That includes fanart or crafts. A dealer, on the other hand, is allowed to sell a variety of things, like anime merchandise such as DVDs, official art books, wall scrolls, games, cards and an assortment of other things that the dealer might not have necessarily made themselves. That's the only difference. Artists and dealers do not have separate areas, both are in the same sections and both have the same table size.


​Before registering please first read the Kin-Yoobi Con Dealer/Artist Terms of Agreement and Limit of Liability for complete information. Registered Dealers and Artists must turn in a signed copy of this form.

To register as a Dealer or Artist, please complete and email the liability form to Kin-Yoobi Con is spread out among Hall 1 and Hall 4 of the Newark Pavilion. Hall 1 has the primary stage that we will use for all our main events like the Cosplay Competition. Hall 4 has the secondary stage that we will use for panels. Hall 4 will also have our gaming area. We will assign you a spot, however please email us with any special need requests. We cannot guarantee a spot but special accommodations will be taken into consideration when determining location. In particular, we will try our very best to accommodate for medical needs. Please also indicate any helpers you would like to register in your email.

​Once we receive your email we will send you an invoice to pay using credit/debit card. You may also pay by check.


For press registration to Kin-Yoobi Con please send an email to with a link to your publication and information about your involvement with the press organization you contribute to, including title and/or affiliation. Kin-Yoobi Con staff will evaluate your press proposal and send you confirmation email promptly if approved. We encourage all interested members of the press to apply.




Newark Pavilion

6430 Thornton Ave

Newark, CA 94560


A free parking lot is located directly adjacent to both the venue's halls as well as plenty of free street parking


11am - 8pm